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Daily Prompt #1

She likes the feeling of sand between her toes. He likes the way the water slicks back his hair. It’s a new world to them, a paradise. Andy’s crummy job had finally come through, a much needed vacation for him and his family. All expenses paid. A treat for slaving away over half of his life in a dead end career. Of course when he gets back, it’ll be the same routine, the same small office, the same broken desk. But not today. Today Andy watches his wife Margery flex her painted toes deep into the sand like a crab. He doesn’t think she’s ever even been to the beach before.

They’ve chosen the island setting. It was one of three to pick from. An island getaway. A snowy cabin adventure. Or a rainy but beautiful jungle safari. Andy’d only had mere minutes to decide, the constant hum of the chamber background noise in his head. If he’s honest with himself, Andy can still hear that hum right now.

He’s got a weeks worth of vacation, which equates to a months worth in here. The said it’ll take at least 15 years off his face, maybe 20 off his wife’s. A period of rest and relaxation is just what he needed they’d told him. It was what he’d always dreamed off. And they had the perfect place for him to go. This new island setting promised to be the most successful of them all.

Andy thinks his bosses might be onto something.

“Let’s have lunch.” Andy says, plopping down on the blanket laid out next to hers. “We’ve got full service, might as well use it.”

Margery looks at him over the top of her sunglasses. Her eyes are wide and green, they look at him brighter than they have in years.

“Full service? But how can we afford it?” She looks back over her shoulder, to where there’s without a doubt a camera.

Andy shrugs and grins. “All expenses paid, Margery. All of them.” He reaches over and pats her thigh. Her skin is warm from the hours in the sun. “Now, what should we eat?”

“I don’t know.” Her voice is hushed almost, as if lunch is a secret between the two. “Something foreign for sure!”

Andy chuckles to himself while he sits up. It’s rare, if almost impossible to get food from other places these days. Ships only sail the ocean for battle now, never for trade or travel. The water has become the number 2 area for war. Losing out only to the skies. Andy tries not to look up as he rummages through their cooler of supplies. The menu is at the bottom, attached to a bunch of other informal papers. The paper directly under it has it’s titled highlighted: What To Do If Your Stimulation Experiences Issues

“They’ve got Mexican.” Andy comments casually and passes the sheet of paper over to his wife. “We could have tacos and margaritas for dinner.”

Margery looks giddy at the idea of it.



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