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Twenties: Superwoman Hattie

Hey, ya’ll! I’m back for another review, this week has been rough. With most of us trying to social distance from each other the internet is losing its mind while the streets feel like ghost towns. Fear not though, Twenties returned last night for another episode and it was such a great distraction from life.

Hattie’s hasn’t lost her assistant job yet, she’s really working hard to try and get herself in the writer’s room. So Marie suggests taking the initiative and asking for more responsibilities from Ida B. If she sucks up to the boss lady, shows she can handle it, she just might find herself right where she wants to be. Maybe. Meanwhile, Nia has her first acting audition in a really long time. Yet it’s nothing like she thought it was going to be, perhaps acting is a bit out of her reach still. And finally, Marie who we don’t see much of this time around is still stuck trying to figure out what to do about the job promotion she wants and whether or not her relationship with Chuck is going anywhere. I personally don’t think it is, but that’s a discussion for another time.

In this fourth episode, we’ve started to settle a bit. Now it’s not so much of a set up for characters, places, and situations but more of the starting layout of character development. I say this because this is the first episode where the flaws of the characters are starting to get more spotlight. Hattie is trying her hardest, but at the same time, she’s not. She wants to be in Ida B’s writer room and she wants to be a writer herself but she has yet to sit down and actually write. She always has an excuse, including the incredibly lame one that she needed to go on a mini-vacation with her sorta girlfriend so she could get her mind right. Hattie has dreams, but she has more excuses right now than anything. Even though she manages a win in this episode, the ground is still too unsteady for it to go to her head. It probably will though.

We don’t see much of Nia and Marie in this episode but what we do see is very telling. Nia wants to be an actress but the reality of it does not match what she thinks acting should be. Her audition for the web series was horrible and she didn’t get the part but she learned a lot. The girls in line with her spill the tea that dark skin actresses are still fighting tooth and nail to get any kind of parts. And if Nia wants to act, she better be ready to fight. Which she isn’t. Marie, on the other hand, seems to be sinking under pressure. Her job might be hard but to me, the stress of not knowing where her relationship with Chuck is going seems to be worse for her. Every time she and Chuck are on screen together they’re fighting, or the mood between them is tense. Since the couple can only seem to poke jabs at each other and never really talk about the issues they’re having, I wonder how long Marie will sit and let her unhappiness fester?

As someone in my late twenties, I pretty much love everything about his show. However, my favorite part of episode four was Hattie going to buy tampons for Ida B. She meets a guy in the store who misgenders her, Hattie doesn’t trip about it but as he spirals into a bunch of LGBT terms she doesn’t know she leaves him hanging and hurries to checkout. I love this scene because while it may seem irrelevant to some, things like that happen to a lot of queer people. And they happen constantly. Once someone knows you’re queer and you aren’t going to get offended if they say anything they start to throw out all sorts of terms, opinions, and information that wasn’t ever asked for. It’s common and even though Hattie didn’t take offense to it, it’s still not okay. The tone of the scene was light and comedic but I appreciated the way Hattie’s growing uncomfortableness was easy to see. It gives me a lot of hope that the topics of discussion in this show are going to be things I thought I’d never see. And it’s exciting as hell.

Twenties airs on Wednesday nights on BET


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