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Boomerang: Don’t Forget Where You Came From

In the world of Boomerang, our divided friends spend some time apart and focus on themselves. Uninterested in her friends’ romantic drama, Tia returns to the strip club for a one-time performance. She comes in with bells and whistles galore but her reception on stage doesn’t match the atmosphere behind the scenes. Meanwhile, David struggles to fit into his new church. His old, barely standing church can’t compare to the flashy tech-savvy house of worship he’s found himself in. But David fears that his faith is distorted by his friends and he isn’t sure how to deal with it.

It’s still early in the season but after two episodes straight of Simone and Bryson drama, it’s particularly refreshing to have the spotlight shone on the other characters. Especially Tia who was a fan favorite of season one. Internet fame has quickly gone to Tia’s head and as her followers grow, so does her ego. But everyone has to be humbled every once in a while, so it’s no surprise that Tia is taken down a few notches when the local strippers read her for filth after her performance. She’s forgotten where she’s come from, even though physically she hasn’t really gone anywhere. It’s something she must address sooner or later if she wants to do any growing. Lala Milan makes Tia’s journey this episode all the more entertaining as she brings new complexity to the role and gives the audience a side of Tia we’ve been waiting to see.

On the other side of things, David is given the mother of all pep talks by his new friend Pastor JonJon. David, having given off the vibe of a lost puppy, finds himself taken under the pastor’s wing when he attends a Sunday service. The house is packed and the crowd engaged with every word that’s being said, they even have empath for the reluctant testimony David tells them. It’s what’s he’s been looking for, a congregation that truly believes and wants to follow the word of God. He’s given an even bigger push when Bryson and Ari call him because they’re too drunk to drive themselves home after getting tacos. They want a ride from David but didn’t even invite him in the first place, which makes David feel expendable. He needs friends that support his religion, and Pastor Jonjon can help him find just the kind of people he’s looking for.

Episode three of Boomerang reminds us that while Bryson and Simone may have had the spotlight for a little bit, this is still very much an ensemble show. Each character has a backstory waiting to be told, a dilemma waiting to be solved, and a life they’re trying to live. Tia might finally have found something to fight for in her recently exited stripper life and David might have found the group of people he truly needs. Both of them have a journey they’re about to embark on that will change them. It’s exciting to think about all the possible directions these two alone could go.

Boomerang airs on Wednesday on BET


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