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Twenties: And the Church Said AMEN

Quite possibly the hardest thing about being in your twenties is finding balance. In any and all situations solutions usually come once a balance is able to be pinpointed. Whether it’s finding a balance between work life and personal life or balancing a romantic relationship with the keep up of your friends; it all takes time and practice. Adulthood could be defined by how well a person is able to bring balance to their life. Six episodes into Twenties and our three friends push their way towards their life goals harder than ever. And it’s either going to work out or blow up in their faces.

After getting the cold shoulder from Ida one morning, Hattie is excited to get away on a trip with her mother. Only to have a wrench thrown in her plans at the last minute, Ida needs her help and Hattie seems incapable of telling her no. So the trip with her mother is passed off to Nia, a perfect solid friends do for each other. Meanwhile, Marie stresses over her latest assignment for work. Quintrell is not the average Black man that Zach is used to working with. He’s going to have to come with something new and unique if he wants Quintrell to sign with him. Marie knows a perfect way, they can seal a deal while sending praise to the Lord above. It would be a win-win situation if it wasn’t for the fact that Marie hates church. But she loves her job and is willing to do anything to keep it.

While this episode focused mostly on Hattie’s strained relationship with mother and the bridges she’s willing to burn for Ida, one of the most interesting parts of the episode was learning that Nia feels like she’s the odd one out of the three friends. After a small tit for tat, Nia pouts that Hattie never takes her side. Nia feels that she’s always telling Marie to be nice and always encouraging Hattie to follow her dreams, but they rarely do the same. After all, it’s Nia that Hattie wants to take her mother to the Anita Baker concert and it’s Nia that Marie wants to get her and Zach into the church service she doesn’t even want to attend. The two women rely on Nia, even more than they realize.

Week after week, Twenties gives us comedy, drama, and something to think about all wrap up in one. Last night was no different. Hattie’s willingness to ditch her mother for Ida and Marie’s willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that Zach gets Quintrell to sign with their company are two of the biggest thought provokers of the episode. Hattie wants to make it, so badly that I can almost taste it for her. She wants to be Ida, but every time she tries it blows up in her face. Marie is making the right connections with Quintrell but it all feels very much like waiting for the other shoe to drop. Two steps forward and three steps back. All three friends might be fighting tooth and nails for dreams to come true but the biggest question still remains, is it even worth it at the end of the day?

Twenties airs on Wednesday on BET


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