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Boomerang: Friends? Or Just Acquaintances?

As Boomerang winds down with only three episodes left after this one, our favorite group of friends gathered for a weekend of fun. Or what Simone hoped and silently prayed would be fun. She even went as far as agreeing to David, Tia and Ari bringing a plus one along with them because all that matters is the whole group being together. At least that’s all that should matter. But as the evening progresses, the elephant in the room grows and it becomes clear the perhaps after all these years the friends might be growing apart. And that’s a scary thought.

With each episode, Boomerang attempts to dig deep into several hearts of the group. It’s been obvious for a while that the threads of friendship were growing thin, and were only stretched farther by Simone and Bryson’s explosive breakup. As if their relationship woes were the straw to break the camels back, now the other cracks are starting to show. When David comes down for dinner in a brand new outfit he really loves, his friends laugh at him. Crytal tries to share exciting news and is drowned out by everyone else’s commotion, like always. Ari continues to be a little too self-absorbed, and Tia has eyes for her new boo Dream and her only. All the while Bryson and Simone pretend to be okay with each other despite the fact their both drowning inside. It’s a mess that can only grow for so long before it becomes too much.

As the chaos builds, the episode drops small nuggets of information that emphasize the reason each character is starting to pull away from the group. Most of all, Crystal is finally able to give herself a bit of a voice. In a not usually done turn of events, she finds herself getting along and actually liking David’s new girlfriend, Naomi. Choosing to tell her the good news instead of keeping it to herself since her friends don’t want to listen. It was a nice touch to go against the standard trope and not have the two women hate each other. The more women we have that get along on screen, the better.

Another big stand out of the episode is Simone’s spiral deeper into her depression. In previous episodes we’ve only seen glimpses of her what she’s really feeling, she’s been so focused on trying to return things to normal. However, her mask comes crashing down when the group makes a misstep by going through Marcus Grahams’ photo album and reminding themselves what kind of person he was. Unable to handle anything for another second longer, Simone has an impulsive moment that scares everyone else but sets her free.

In every episode, the talent of this cast shines week after week and gets sharper and sharper. Tetona Jackson, who plays Simone, gives a stellar performance as she adds a new layer to the character. Simone may be a lot of things, but her feelings are valid and the acknowledgment that her friends think it’s best to not be straight up with her has been a long time coming. I also really enjoyed Elle Lorraine as Naomi. We haven’t seen much of her but after last night’s episode, I hope that we get to see a lot more of her. The genuine sweetness of Naomi brings a breath of fresh air to a group that is used to outsiders not being able to fit into their vibe. And she does it while not backing down on her faith, something David hasn’t managed to accomplish.

Visually, this episode is one of the most pleasing to me. For the simple fact that the shades and personalities of Black people on the show has grown even more. The way Boomerang strives to give not only a quality plotline line and character development but also to be visually stunning is a big reason it resonates with me. This show is pretty in the best and most meaningful way possible. And that makes a difference.

Boomerang airs Wednesday nights on BET


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