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Boomerang: How Crystal Got Her Groove Back

During last night’s episode of Boomerang, Crystal stepped out on her own and took a trip outside her comfort zone. While on a work trip to Paris she learns more about herself and the things she’s been missing in her life. Paired with some encouragement from Bryson, she gets up off her hotel bed and heads out into live the life of a tourist. This proves more difficult than she’d like it to be seeing as how she’s by herself and doesn’t speak the language. Still, the universe is on Crystal’s side and sends her a saving grace in the form of a very cute Black french man.

“Hot Sex” is the first episode of Boomerang we’ve seen where it’s been completely about one character alone. We were creatively given updates on what the other characters are doing during Crystal’s trip, like Tia leading the protest for stripper rights and Ari pledging to work on getting in touch with his feminine side. But the center of the episode was Crystal and her alone. Personally, I don’t think there’s a character more deserving of this honor. While Boomerang is an ensemble show, Crystal has been up until now truly a side character. She’s spent the last two seasons supporting Simone, backing her up and being there for her when Simone needed her most. Only to have the favor not returned. At home, it’s always about everyone else. In Paris, it was all about Crystal.

Everything about this episode is beautiful. The direction, the cinematography, the acting, the storyline and the message behind it; it’s all been mixed together perfectly to create a ten out of ten half-hour of television. From the hilariously funny front desk girl that has zero time for Crystal’s American chipper, to the cute man named Kofi who only wants Crystal to enjoy her time in Paris; the entire episode revolves around her. Brittany Inge gives an amazing performance as she guides us through Crystal’s reawakening. From the small moments of uncertainty to a full-blown panic attack, or two, Inge never loses sight of what makes Crystal so great: her ability to be relatable.

At the start, Crystal ends up missing a few real-life moments that could have been good for her because she’s got her nose buried deep in her phone. It’s a habit many millennials have come to adopt, the comfort that can be found in a phone screen is addicting. We spend so much time on our phones because we feel safer these days on social media than we do out in the real world. However, when mother nature intervenes, Crystal is forced to pull her head up from the screen and see what’s going on around her. It’s then she meets Kofi who wants to help her but because of the language barrier, they struggle to communicate the most basic of things. After a few misunderstandings, Crystal and Kofi bond over dinner with his family. In a beautiful dinner scene, possibly my favorite scene of the episode, Crytal shares an authentic meal with people like her. Which is something we should see more of; the universal comfort of being around others like yourself isn’t always extended to Black people. It was nice to see the idea out in full force last night.

I wouldn’t mind if Boomerang gave more of the characters their own episodes in a capacity like this every once in a while. It’s refreshing to be able to focus on just one in-depth development for the night. Crystal was given center stage and it turned out to a spectacular ride. She found confidence in herself that we all knew she had but it was exhilarating to watch it happen to her anyway. Now though, it remains to be seen if Crystal’s dynamic with her friends will change. Her perspective has been altered and that could mean a shift in the way she interacts with the others.

With just two episodes left Boomerang promises to end its season with several beautiful messages being given to us in high quality. There is no greater feeling than knowing ones’ self and with each episode of this second season, our group of friends have all made choices that bring everything they know into question. Most of all, it’s still unclear if they can remain friends with each other or will they have to go their separate ways as amicable as possible. With the way David feels like the outcast, Crystal thinking none of them really care about her and Simone struggling to deal with inner personal demons, the groups’ friendship hangs by a thread. And there’s still plenty of time for it to fall to the ground and shatter into a million pieces.

Boomerang airs on Wednesday nights on BET


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