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Boomerang: David’s Path, A Fitting Ending

To end out their season Boomerang aired double episodes back to back, starting out with David taking the spiritual journey he’s been waiting for and the answers he’s needed most; and ending with Ari facing his toxic masculinity while Simone and Bryson attempt to rekindle the friendship they lost in the breakup. When it comes to sophomore seasons Boomerang has proven it’s self consecutively that its aim is to only move forward and step its game up.

In the first half of our special one-hour finale, we find David on the second to last day of his fast. He’s trying to hear from God and believes the best way to do that is by fasting, Naomi is doing it with him as well but when he’s with his friends they make it all the harder to stay on the path he’s chosen for himself. Especially when he’s with Bryson and Ari, who only have jokes and jabs at the choices David has made. They don’t understand why he’s starving himself and refusing to participate in their chicken tasting contest, they don’t care to try to understand it either. When he tries to leave David finds himself suddenly inside the very vision from God he’s been waiting for, he only has to get through each level of his own personal demons and the prize of clarity will be his. It’s much easier said than done. For those of us who aren’t religious, David’s journey has been an interesting one to watch. His frustration over his friends has grown and festered inside of him to the point where it makes him question not only himself but his faith as well. It hurts David that he’s being forced to choose between his day one friends and the life he imagined for himself. In making this decision, David quite possible has grown the most in the group of friends. RJ Walker, who plays David, led the episode with such confidence and assuredness that I think the audience is actively rooting for him to kick his Day Ones to the side, which doesn’t happen often. It’s been refreshing to go from not really caring about David at all to him becoming one of my favorite characters; a lot of it comes from Mr. Walker’s portrayal of him. Also, shout out to Boomerang for making God a Black women and having her take the form of Crystal, since she and David are divorced, I think he needed to hear from her specifically that the choice he would make would be okay.

For the second part of the finale, Tia and Dream take their fight for stripper rights to the next level as well as their relationship. After spending forty hours doing community service for taking the strip club hostage, Tia realizes that her efforts were all for nothing when she returns to find that everything in the club is the same. Disheartened but still determined, Tia attempts to tackle the problem from a different angle. Meanwhile, Ari finally has to acknowledge and deal with his toxic masculinity. After an incident at the barbershop, Ari decides that it’s time for him to work on making himself better. Some of it he has to work on by himself but there’s a lot he can work on with the last guy he hooked up with who called him out for his narrow mindset. Finally, we end our season with one last look at Simone and Bryson who are interviewing for the same job. It’s still awkward between them but after a little knowledge drop from the very funny Juanita, the two realize that their friendship is more important than any mistakes either could have made while they were in a relationship. Bryson apologizes for the way he’s treated Simone, which is a big step I wasn’t sure he’d get to. And they’re able to come together in an amazing way, becoming business partners and starting their own company together.

When it comes to Boomerang, it’s only competition is itself. To watch the show grow at its own pace, set its own goals, and meet them has been amazing to watch. We started the season in an extra messy situation, with the characters spiraling out of control both collectively and individually. Each of them has a journey they have to take and an ultimatum they’re faced with. A few make choices I wholly expected, while others went in directions I didn’t see coming at all. In particular, I’m most proud of the growth each of the male characters made. Ari started the season in a weird place of denial, thinking he was the most progressive of the friend group. Only to be shocked to find out he’s been complicit in so many forms of toxic masculinity, he can’t keep count. It takes a while, and he has to be challenged more than once but in the end, Ari is able to keep his masculinity but also put aside the toxic mindset that came with it. I’m also really proud of Bryson, his character is my least favorite and has pretty much done nothing but annoy me the entire season. However to see him step up, apologize to Simone and be able to acknowledge that the way he’s been treating her wasn’t right was a huge step in both character development and positive male representation. Any other show Bryson and Simone would have never recovered from their breakup, never. But it’s amazing to see Boomerang decide that they aren’t going to let Bryson stay toxic and hurt, and they aren’t going to let his fuck boy ways slide either. It’s truly appreciated.

In addition to amazing character development, Boomerang grew visually as well. That’s not to say that the cinematography wasn’t already gorgeous at the start of the season, because it definitely was. However, Crystal’s trip to Paris along with David’s spiritual dream took the shows visuals to the next level. It’s also very much worth mention that every episode of the second season was directed by a Black woman, much praise to Lena Waithe and Dime Davis for stepping up and bringing the representation not only on screen but behind it as well. I’m really hopeful that BET renews Boomerang for a third season, it’s their first show to push the barriers of what’s normal for Black people to see on tv in a long time. In the long run, giving this show more seasons to grow and be even more progressive could open up a whole new world of possibilities for Black television.


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