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Snowpiercer: Chaos Reigns

After spending some quality time with Melanie and watching her battle not only stationary cold but her mind as well, we rejoin the passengers of Snowpiercer and find ourselves at the eve of budding chaos. As Till circles in on her Breachmen killer and Tailley maimer, Layton loses about 80% of his support from third class and Ruth comes faces to face with the consequences of her pre revolution actions. Not to mention over on Big Alice, Miss Audrey dances a fine line with Wilford after choosing to stay with him instead of return to Snowpiercer.

It was only a matter of time before tensions rose pass the point of no return. It’s been a stressful time for the passengers since the revolution and Wilford’s return. Day after day there’s some kind of unrest, and day after day Layton, Roche, Ruth and Till scramble to hold onto to any kind of peaceful order. The death of eight Breachmen at the same time, in the name of what looks like revenge no less, is definitely not sending the message of unity that the train needs. Till is doing her best to handle it though, she knows that she’s close to catching her suspect; all she has to do is look a little closer at those around her but it’s hard to do when everything is descending into chaos. It’s not until she leaves a heavily grieving Breachmen Boki with Pastor Logan and searches out the only antique seller on the train do the last pieces of the puzzle fall into place for her.

Till’s uphill battle this season has highlighted one of the most interesting parts of Snowpiercer on the show, the other passengers on the train. There are just under three thousand people aboard, we stick with our main characters of course but that doesn’t mean that the other passengers aren’t just as fascinating. In her search for the murderer, Till has to find the origin of a vintage Wilford button and she is led to the last antique seller on the frozen planet. Who shares a small, almost overstuffed car with her grandson. Turns out, she has know Wilford personally since he was a child, she was his neighbor. And she easily places the button Till has to a jacket that a fancy first class lady traded a fur hat for. Though this leads to an arrest, a fight between Boki and The Last Australian shifts Till’s focus back to the last person she would suspect to have an evil hand in the situation: Pastor Logan.

While Till fights an enemy that’s too close for comfort, Layton let’s his emotions and loyalty to the Tail get the best of him. In his morning address to the train Layton means to unite third and the tail as both think they other is out to get them, but his speech is flawed and puts too much blame on Wilford. Most of the people aboard Snowpiercer aren’t ready yet to fully let go of Wilford as their savior. Instead of taking responsibility for not coming through on anything he’s promised and being transparent in a way that would appeal to everyone, Layton pushes the already iffy passengers into picking a side; his or Wilford’s. And whether he realizes it or not, there are far more people boarding the idea that they need Wilford to return to Snowpiercer’s engine rooms than those that believe Layton has brought good change.

Layton’s been off his game for nearly the entire season. Or maybe he’s losing a battle he never wanted to be part of in the first place. Either way, his decisions of late leave much to be desired. He’s losing his footing more and more as the episodes pass, it doesn’t seem like Layton is the leader those in the Tail thought he was. But it’s not like Layton ever stood up and declared himself to be such, he just happened to be able to rally the people like no other. His presence in the Tail was large and it’s not small beyond it either, but outside of the Tail there are complexities that catch Layton up every chances they can. However, those closest to him haven’t lost faith in him just yet. It’s especially surprising how loyal Roche has become to him, though at the end of the episode we learn this could change at any moment. Zarah, who admittedly can’t do much besides trying to keep people calm, is trying to be the rock Layton needs. Yet her words of encouragement don’t light fires in Andre the way Josie’s used to. And Ruth, well, she and Layton has struggled with trusting each other the entire season. But her loyalty is given the ultimate test when a group of rage filled third class people attempt to take Pike’s arm via the freeze. Layton being who he is, offers up his own arm as a replacement. This is extra upsetting to Ruth who just had a startlingly realization when she comes face to face with small Winnie and the girl is absolutely terrified of her. After being reminded that she is the one who took Winnie’s mother’s arm, Ruth is left with the sickening guilt of the trauma her actions can cause. And it’s that guilt that gives her the courage to shout down the third class passengers and save Layton’s arm. The chaos of it all.

While everyone falls into panic on Snowpiercer, over on Big Alice things are still as calm as they’ve ever been. At least on the surface. While pleased that Audrey decided to stay, Wilford still doesn’t fully trust her. After seven years, he knows that she isn’t as loyal to him as she once was and after finding the screwdriver meant to help her rig the com lines, he’s even less happy with her. So he decides to put her to the test, as he does with everyone on his side. Miss Audrey’s powers of persuasion are the stuff of legends, so Wilford does what any sensible evil con man would; he puts her skill to work. Turns out, Kevin isn’t dead. The slitting of his wrists in the bath with Wilford wasn’t a forced suicide, but a forced breaking of Kevin’s mind. And now that Wilford has Audrey back, he wants her to fix Kevin. Because he knows that if she’s really returned to him, Audrey will be able to persuade any to do the same.

Miss Audrey aces Wilford’s test for her, successfully rewriting Kevin’s brain to worship Wilford. In doing so, she solidifies her place at Wilford’s side and proves herself dedicated to him taking over Snowpiercer. Making it seem as if Miss Audrey has become a full blown traitor. However, as much as it’s being pushed that Audrey is now on Wilford’s side, it’s hard to imagine that after all the pain and trauma he caused her that she would return to him this quickly and this easily. The hope is that Miss Audrey is playing the long game, still loyal to Layton and Snowpiercer but understanding that no one other than can get this close to Wilford. We want Audrey to be playing Wilford like an instrument, however I was very wrong about Pastor Logan being good for Till so Audrey actually switching sides could be the case. After all, it’s very hard to women to truly leave their abusers; especially when forced back in close proximity to them.

The seventh episode of season two both concludes an arc started at the beginning of the season and sets up for the finale three episodes. Till catches her rat, proving that Wilford has had people on the inside since the beginning. But the damage is already done, the people of Snowpiercer do not want to hear about how Wilford has been playing them all along. They just want to feel safe and that’s the last thing Team Layton is doing, if anything since Andre took over the train things have gotten less safe and more violent. Though it may not be directly Layton’s fault, the blame still falls on his shoulders. The perks of being a leader.

If there’s anything I love about Snowpiercer it’s the way everyone has to eventually meet the consequences of their actions. Whether the actions are good or bad, everything comes back to a full circle eventually. Ruth took Winnie’s mother’s arm back in the beginning of the first season, last night she had to face the fact she sees herself above certain people but is just as barbaric as they are. In her grief, Till put on blinders and zeroed in on being a good detective. It made her desperately search for someone who was standing right there the entire time, but she could only see him once the blinders she’s been clinging to were ripped away. Andre is being dragged for filth at every turn for not coming through on the promises he made to push the revolution through. Every action, no matter how big or small eventually comes back for its consequences, and we get to see them and sit with them just like the passengers on Snowpiercer do. And I think that’s beautiful, and what makes this show so compelling.

Snowpiercer airs on Monday nights on TNT.


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