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Boomerang: Friends Divided

Waithe Wednesdays continued with a new episode of Boomerang. Last night we went all the way back to S1 and took a closer look at Bryson and Simone’s breakup. Which wasn’t pretty then and definitely got worse now that the details are out in the open. It’s upsetting to see the friends having to figure out how they can keep Simone and Bryson in their lives while trying to not take sides.

While the friends try their best to comfort Bryson, immediately after he breaks up with Simone, they all give their opinions about how he should handle this situation. Crystal wants Bryson to put some logic in his head, instead of just alcohol. He doesn’t really know what happened except that Simone came home late and lied about where she was. She isn’t giving Simone a pass, but she doesn’t want the entire blame to fall down on Simone. She might have made a mistake but Bryson isn’t perfect either. David tries to give a reason as well, sticking to his faith he tells his friend that Simone and Camden probably just had a conversation that lasted too long. It’s a little childish but David really believes it and wants Bryson to believe it as well. Meanwhile, Ari thinks Bryson is overreacting because he has no proof of anything. He also laughs at the fact Bryson is this upset over what he thinks was just a kiss. If Camden and Simone didn’t have sex, then what is Bryson really tripping for? And Tia, well she isn’t really interested in Bryson’s pity party at all. Telling him to either step it up or get over it. However, none of their opinions honestly matter because when Bryson expresses that Simone is dead to him, they all turn to see that Simone has heard him. Effectively shattering any kind of reconciliation they could have had at the time.

I don’t have any gripes about the episode, but Bryson is the worst. I try to give him the benefit of the doubt over and over but he just continues to turn me against him. His unhappiness about Simone is very understandable but the way he’s handling is not. I’m unsure if the disconnect comes from the writing or if it’s just the way he’s intended to be as a character, but the more we see of Bryson the less sorry I feel for him. It will be blamed on him drinking so much, and I truly hope he gets better as a character. Right now though, Bryson sours my enjoyment of the show. This isn’t exactly a bad thing, having characters you dislike in a show is a given. I’m just not sure if Bryson will be able to redeem himself in any way.

What I loved about the episode were the parodies of other shows used to describe how each friend pictured Simone’s time with Camden. From the Cheaters parody to Tia’s wild mashup of the book she’s reading (a parody of the movie Belly) and how it mirrors what Bryson’s going through, each friend is able to give us a clear picture of what they think happened but also whose side they’re really on. My personal favorite was Crystal’s black and white imaginative that felt very 50’s I Love Lucy while the dialogue stayed modern. Things like that make me giddy to see.

In our second episode of S2, our in-depth look at Simone and Bryson’s breakup sets up the season to be spectacular. With the friends split, this year the tone of the show isn’t will they, won’t they; it seems to be more of a close look at how friendships can mature, grow and possibly fall apart. And whether or not all friendships are worth saving. I can’t wait to see just how deep we’re going to look into these things.

Boomerang airs Wednesday nights on BET


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