The Black Asexual

Here you can find every article I’ve written on Asexuality.

  • The first article I ever wrote on asexuality. I talked a lot about being black and asexual and how that’s been affecting me:

  • Not only am I Asexual I’m also Bisexual. I wrote about it and what it’s like having neither of your sexualities respected:

  • When you’re comfortable with yourself, it makes other people uncomfortable. I’m very comfortable with my asexuality, so I wrote about how it makes others view me in a certain way:

  • Because I’m not constantly shouting from the rooftops about my asexuality it creates a grey area where people try to convince themselves that I’m “normal” and just happen to be asexual. I wrote about the ridiculousness of that:

  • I’m very boy-like. But also, I rock dresses in the most amazing way. I learned there’s a term for this, called Androgynous and I wrote about how it intersects with my asexuality:

  • Representation is important as hell, but it’s meaningless when it’s done wrong. Check out this article I wrote about asexual characters in the entertainment industry:

  • Black Queers deserve respect, we don’t get it but we deserve it. We also deserve peace to be ourselves. Very rarely are we given either of them:

  • Dating while Asexual can be hell, I don’t do it but I know plenty of Aces who want to date and deserve to be able to. I wrote about the dating game and how its rules never held space for anything outside the norm:

  • Like dating, Valentine’s Day can also hold a lot of unneeded weight for Aces:

  • Most people turn to fiction for comfort and to feel seen. Aces can’t even do that because when it comes to asexual characters, no one wants them around. I wrote about how hurtful and damaging that is:

  • Words matter, especially when you are a child. I was hyped too early as a child and it affected me negatively, I wrote about it:

  • Accepting yourself can be hard, it can make you hate yourself, it can make you frustrated. But once you’re able to, your whole perspective changes:

  • Black Asexuals have one of the hardest struggles because of the stereotypes that have been placed upon all Black people. The hypersexualization of Black women, in particular, is causing such deep trauma that asexuality is nothing but a joke in the community:

  • The term Asexuality is an umbrella term, not all aces are alike and the range of asexuals is vast. I wrote about the different kinds of Aces that fall under the term: